About Anthony Mencher

Attorney, Anthony Mencher

Dedicated Advocate.

My approach to helping clients in matters of personal injury and employment law litigation is different from most attorneys. Rather than trying to reach a settlement right away, I dedicate time and effort into hearing every side of your claim. 

While the processes for approaching personal injury and employment law are different, what is the same is the assurance that my goal in representing you is to make certain that I know the full extent of your injuries so that I recover the maximum amount of damages that I can prove for you and that you are entitled to. I am willing to spend the necessary hours to fully understanding what happened to you, to review any and all documents you may have and to speak to any potential witnesses. I will give your case the full attention it demands in order to help you make a reasoned decision as to whether or not you should pursue a lawsuit.

Education and Experience

1994 Graduated University of California at Davis
Bachelor's Degree Major: History, Minor: African-American Studies
1995-1999 Graduated John F. Kennedy University of Law
Law Juris Doctorate
1999 Passed California State Bar Exam
Admitted into practice before the California State and Supreme
Courts as well as the Ninth Circuit Federal Court.
2016 Admitted to practice in Washington State

Upon admission to the practice of law in California, Anthony began his practice of law by working with his Father, Howard Mencher, in his Civil practice located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

From 2000 to 2013, Anthony represented clients in personal injury lawsuits, employment law matters involving discrimination and harassment in the workplace and on other matters in the area of civil law. During his practice of law from 2000-2013, Anthony gained experience representing clients in all aspects of civil litigation, including representing clients at mediation and arbitration, settlement conferences and at trial.

From 2013 to 2015, Anthony operated a small business and primarily focused his legal practice on regulatory issues, debt collection and litigation of contract disputes.

In 2016, Anthony applied for and was admitted to the Washington State Bar Association and licensed to practice law in Washington State. Anthony has maintained his license to practice law in California while still being admitted to practice law in Washington State. Beginning in 2017, Anthony opened up his own law practice and began to represent clients for personal injury lawsuits, employment law claims relating to discrimination and harassment in the workplace and other matters in the area of civil law.

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Free Consultation

Anthony Mencher answers all of his phone calls and provides a free assessment and consultation to determine whether the case works for both him and the client.



What we offer to all of our clients is that we will aggressively litigate your matter with a goal of maximizing the recovery that the law and facts show you are entitled to.


Meticulous Research

When it comes to both Personal Injury and Employment Law, each case is fully examined and researched before even considering whether it is in your interest to formally file a lawsuit with the Court.


Employment Law

In order to pursue a legal claim for Discrimination or Harassment in the workplace, an employee must experience conduct that violates the Washington Law Against Discrimination (WLAD) or the Federal Laws prohibiting discrimination and harassment in the workplace.


Personal Injury

We seek out the facts necessary to prove your case and the extent of your damages through the discovery process by taking depositions, demanding documents, and utilizing other methods available for proving your case.


Full Attention

In order to give his clients and their cases the full attention they require, Anthony Mencher intentionally maintains a smaller caseload as compared to other attorneys. By taking on fewer cases, he is able to dedicate more time to each individual client and their particular legal matters than most attorneys are able to.