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Employment Law. Dedicated Research. Thorough Analysis.

In considering whether or not to pursue a lawsuit when you’ve experienced discrimination or harassment in the workplace, we believe one of the critical factors that needs to be considered by every client is how much time and effort is your attorney willing to put into investigating your potential claims.

Employment law matters, particularly claims of discrimination and harassment are significantly complex matters as they almost always take place over a long periods of time, involve many people as witnesses and can involve hundreds, if not thousands, of documents that show what happened.  Because of this complexity, I believe that it is essential in litigating any claims of harassment, discrimination or retaliation that your matter be thoroughly investigated, as much as it can be, before even considering whether it is in your interest to formally file the lawsuit with the Court.

If I feel you have something to talk about regarding unlawful discrimination, harassment or retaliation I will give your case the full attention it demands in order to help you make a reasoned decision as to whether or not you should pursue it with a lawsuit.

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Employment Law Services

Discrimination and Harassment

In order to pursue a legal claim for Discrimination or Harassment in the workplace, an employee must experience conduct in the workplace that violates the Washington Law Against Discrimination (WLAD), or the Federal Laws prohibiting discrimination and harassment in the workplace.


Retaliation occurs and is legally actionable where an employee has engaged in protected conduct and the employer takes an adverse work action against them.

Employment Law Process

Many attorneys might be willing to spend a couple of minutes on the phone talking to you, and if they don’t hear something that jumps out at them right away, they will thank you for your call and tell you they can’t help you.  I don’t believe that these matters are ever simple, and potentially viable cases are most certainly not legal matters that can be understood in a brief phone call consultation.

Each case is thoroughly investigated before considering whether it is in your interest to formally file the lawsuit with the Court.

I am willing to spend the necessary hours to fully understanding what happened to you, to review any and all documents you may have and to speak to any potential witnesses you may have in order to put together a comprehensive case.

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