Wrongful Death

Woman sitting at grave with hands in pockets

Negligence in Business or Vehicular Accidents

Wrongful Death actions can occur relating to motor vehicle accidents, but can also occur in other situations where a death occurs as a result of the negligence of another in the operation or maintenance of a business or property.  

These types of matters can be complex in terms of understanding the full measures of compensation a person’s next of kin or estate is entitled to. Where you experience the death of a loved one, the circumstances of which you believe are not a result of any fault of theirs, or someone or some entity may be at fault or bare a portion of the responsibility for, it is critical that you contact an attorney immediately.  

Where a death occurs during the course of a severe motor vehicle or other means, when a potential defendant suspects they may be at fault, many times they will attempt to reach a settlement very quickly. Without legal representation, if you may not be fully aware of the extent of their liability or the full measure of damages that you and your family are entitled to.